(3) - An Earth Day Exclusive


As an artist, I have always been inspired by nature & my surroundings.
My entire drive creatively is to produce products that are sustainable and help the environment in some way or another!

Each of these unique greetings card designs have been individually handmade by myself in my Tottenham studio.

These twelve signed Earth Day cards have been exclusively handcrafted from a mixture of fabric offcuts, recycled paper and card, fabric samples that I have made myself by hand, and pen & ink drawings.

This collection was inspired by Insects, Microorganisms & plants, and looking at nature under a microscope.

Each card costs £3 each
or buy two for £5- Please send me a message to let me know which two you would like.

These are x12 one-off hand-signed cards. once they are gone they are GONE!

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